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A Female Friendly Garage

Whilst we welcome all motorists, Willow Motor Works concentrate hard to create a female friendly environment and recognise that many women may feel uncomfortable in these surroundings. We want you to feel at home in ours.


We offer friendly help and advice whenever it is needed, a clean waiting room, washrooms, free internet access and suitable magazines.

Employing women in customer facing roles and offering local courtesy lifts are just a couple of ways we offer a genuinely warm welcome and value for money.

Women may worry about being patronised, over charged and baffled by motoring jargon but it is our promise you will not encounter this at our garage.

Whatever the reality this is a very real perception for many women, so much so that females are postponing important car servicing or delegating their carís welfare to men who are expected to feel more at home in these surroundings.

Women in Surrey can rely on a professional service at Willow Motor Works, enjoy a first class female friendly environment, gain value for money, a warm welcome and above all "A Garage You Can Trust".

We look forward to seeing you soon.

From the Willow Motor Works Customer Service Team.

For enquiries or booking requests call....... 020 8685 9515