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Air Conditioning

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Free System Pressure Test

A pressure test is carried out to confirm the efficiency of the air conditioning system and whether any refrigerant is still present.

No appointment is necessary for this test; it is a "drop-in", "while you wait" service and takes approximately 10 minutes.

A/C Re-Charge 59.00 INCLUDING V.A.T.
A re-charge includes the following operations:-
Recovery/removal of old refrigerant.
System evacuation. This process will clean and remove particles and moisture from the system to enable correct operation once re-charged.
Add compressor oil as necessary.
Re-charge system to manufactures specified quantity.
Add a leak tracer dye to the A/C system.
Test A/C system operation.

N.B. A lot of garages do not use a leak tracer dye, in this case if the gas deteriorates at a later date it is almost impossible to locate the leak.

The re-charge process takes approximately 30 - 45 minutes.

A/C System Repairs
If a major leak is detected in the system a re-charge cannot be carried out.
A price for repairs followed by a re-charge can be estimated for.

Anti-Bacterial System Clean
Treats the problem of bacteria building up in the A/C vents and eliminating A/C smells.
Replacement of the pollen/cabin filter is also advisable.

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