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Wheel Tracking & Geometry
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Welcome to Willow Motor Works for MOT Testing in Mitcham, Surrey.

Tracking:- includes checking and adjusting one dimension, that the wheels are aligned in the straight ahead position.

Geometry:- includes checking 3 dimensions, Tracking, Camber & Castor angles and adjustingtracking only.

Camber and castor adjustments:- approximately 39 per side depending on suspension types.

Tracking, camber and castor "adjustment" prices may vary due to component seizure problems.

Please Note: We can only carry out Tracking and Geometry on vehicles with wheels up to 18 inch in diameter. To confirm this size please look at the side wall of your tyre, there will be a number reading in the style 195/55/15. We are concerned with the last number, in this example "15" which is the wheel diameter on the vehicle. Thank you for checking.

If you choose to wait with your vehicle, we offer complimentary drinks, free internet access, kids colouring books, games and if the weather is good a detailed walk by the River Wandle.
You can book a Tracking or Geometry check online now with our live, real-time booking system.
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Alternatively, please call 020 8685 9515
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We cover areas such as Mitcham, Carshalton, Wallington, Morden, Sutton, Hackbridge and further surrounding areas.
All our technicians are D.V.S.A. qualified, test to an exact standard and are trained to advise on any queries you may have.