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Are You Ready For The New Tax Disc Changes?

From the 1st October 2014 you no longer need to display a tax disc, an untaxed vehicle could face on the spot fines up to 1,000.

Here is a brief overview of changes in taxing a vehicle:

Any remaining tax on a vehicle will not be transferable to the new owner.

The new owner cannot get a refund on any remaining tax.

If you are caught driving an un-taxed vehicle you may face an on-the-spot fine.

Since 1st October 2014, when you sell your vehicle and have notified the DVLA you will get a refund for any full calendar months left on the vehicle tax.

When you buy a vehicle you will need to tax it using the "New Keeper Supplement" (V5C/2) on the "Vehicle Registration Certificate" (V5C). This can be done via the DVLA's online automated service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can check the vehicle tax status of a vehicle online at:-Vehicle Tax Enquiry

Vehicle Tax Direct Debit

For those who need to  tax their vehicles you can use the direct debit scheme

Paying vehicle tax by Direct Debit offers you the opportunity to pay for your vehicle tax in 1 of 3 new ways:

  • 6 monthly (a one off payment)
  • Annually ( a one off payment)
  • Monthly ( total spread over 12 payments annually)
Customers find monthly direct debit payments are very beneficial due to that fact if you ever sell your vehicle you can cancel before your next months due and do not have to worry about claiming months back.
For more information on this please visit Vehicle Tax Direct Debit

We advise all customers to make a note when their tax is due i.e. written on a calendar.

You will need a valid MOT certificate before taxing your vehicle.

Vehicles with no MOT can also face on-the-spot fines; police will not usually be sympathetic to anyone without it.

Here are some contact details you may find useful:-

Online Vehicle Tax Application

Phone 0300 1234 321DVLA Vehicle Tax Line

Post Office Visit

You May No Longer Need To Display A Tax Disc


But Must Still Tax Your Vehicle

We look forward to seeing you soon.

From the Willow Motor Works Customer Service Team.

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