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Why do I need to change the brake fluid?

Most manufacturers recommend that brake fluid is changed every 2 years or 20,000 miles. Brake fluid absorbs moisture over time which works its way through the hydraulic system. Once brake fluid has become contaminated with moisture the braking system efficiency will be reduced. Moisture in the system can cause corrosion to ABS components which can be expensive to replace.

A regular brake fluid change can prolong the life of the parts in the system and maintains your brake efficiency.

Why do I need the wheel alignment/tracking checked or adjusted?

Most manufacturers do recommend a yearly check, everyday use including driving over speed humps or pot-holes could alter your vehicles wheel alignment. Incorrect wheel alignment causes excessive and uneven Tyre wear and can also affect the handling characteristics of the car such as a slight pulling to the left/right. Worn tyres and incorrect wheel alignment can greatly increase stopping distances under heavy braking.

Getting your wheel alignment checked regularly will save you money and could save lives.

Why do I need to change the timing belt/cam belt?

This is because timing belts are made of rubber which deteriorates with age and mileage as so could become less reliable. Should a timing belt slip or snap then the engine's timing would be misaligned, allowing the pistons to impact the valves. Manufacturers will have a set recommended schedule as to when the timing belt should be replaced which typically can be every 4 years or 60,000 miles whichever comes sooner as a guide. If the timing belt was to break, this could cause substantial internal engine damage resulting in a very costly repair and could potentially write some vehicles off the road.

Replacement of the timing belt is preventative maintenance that could save you both money and inconvenience.

Why do I need to re-gas the air conditioning system?

The air conditioning system of your car has an optimum level for both gas and lubricant. Over time and usage both the gas and oil level reduce. Running the air conditioning system with insufficient gas or oil will reduce the efficiency of the system (it will not be as cold) but could also damage the compressor leading to failure of the system. It is important to use your air-con system all year round at least a couple of times a month. This is because the oil in the air-con system needs to travel around the pipes to lubricate the seals and keep them in good condition. If the seals "dry out" from lack of oil they will start to leak and lose gas.

Re-gassing your air-con system gives you peace of mind, makes the system more efficient and prolongs the life of components.

Why do I need to change the coolant?

Most manufacturers recommend that the coolant is replaced every 2 years or 20,000 miles. Lack of anti-freeze in the cooling system can cause internal engine corrosion that could block the water galleries and lead to overheating and possible expensive repairs. During the coolant change the system is flushed to remove the old coolant, debris and water before being replaced with new coolant at the correct mixture for the vehicle.

Regular changing of the coolant could save you money and inconvenience.

Please note that the information provided above is general information with common manufacturers schedules. For vehicle specific details on manufacturers schedules please phone our office or send and email detailing any questions.

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