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Free Vehicle Check Over

If  you don't want anything to let you down on your days out and weekends away why not get a 
Free Vehicle Check Over for peace of mind and to make sure that your vehicle is prepared for those journeys.
Where would we be without our cars!

Our experienced technicians will check:
Tyre Treads, Pressures and Conditions
Lights and Mirrors
Water, Oil and Brake Fluids
Wipers and Washers
Air Conditioning (If Applicable)

If we do happen to find anything our friendly helpful staff will advise you of any repairs along with a quotation.
Call us on 020 8685 9515 to choose a time that suits you.

But in the mean time whilst we are checking your vehicle over, you may wait in our office whilst we can provide free tea or coffee, free internet access and a mobile phone charging point to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

We look forward to seeing you in the future.
Willow Motor Works Team.

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Enquiries or booking requests...........020 8685 9515