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Car Air Conditioning Mitcham

For Car Air conditioning Services in Mitcham come to Willow Motor Works
Some vehicles manufactured after 2015 have a new style gas, 1234yf. We cannot recharge these vehicles at this time. If your vehicle is newer than 2015 please call first to confirm if we can recharge your AC system. Book your aircon regas using our online booking system via our website. *No payment will be taken online*.

Free System Pressure Test

A pressure test is carried out to confirm the efficiency of the air conditioning system and whether any refrigerant is still present.
No appointment is necessary for this test; it is a “drop-in”, “while you wait” service and takes approximately 10 minutes.

A re-charge includes the following operations:

  • Recovery/removal of old refrigerant.
  • System evacuation. This process will clean and remove particles and moisture from the system to enable correct operation once re-charged.
  • Add compressor oil as necessary.
  • Re-charge system to manufacturer’s specified quantity.
  • Add a leak tracer dye to the AC system.
  • Test AC system operation.
N.B. A lot of garages do not use a leak tracer dye, in this case if the gas deteriorates at a later date it is almost impossible to locate the leak.
The recharge process takes approximately 30 – 45 minutes.

AC System Repairs

If a major leak is detected in the system a re-charge cannot be carried out. A price for repairs followed by a recharge can be estimated for.

Anti-Bacterial System Clean ยฃ59

Pollen/cabin filter replacement ยฃ20 (for most applications)

If you experience an odour when you switch on the interior fan, we can deodorise the air vents to eliminate the smell. This treats the problem of bacteria building up in the AC vents. Replacement of the pollen/cabin filter is also advisable.
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Air Conditioning Advice

If an AC system was not working before a recharge we cannot tell if the compressor or electrical side of the system works. This may need further investigation after the AC recharge.
It is important to use your AC system all year round at least a couple of times a month.
This is because the oil in the AC system needs to travel around the pipes to lubricate the seals and keep them in good condition. If the seals “dry out” from lack of oil they will start to leak and lose gas.
During the summer the AC system will work more efficiently with the “recirculate” option switched on as the cooled air in the cabin will be cooled further rather than trying to cool the warm air down from outside the vehicle.
If the AC system is used in the winter, it will clear the misted up screens quicker than not using the AC system. This is because the AC system removes moisture from the air as it enters the vehicle.
When the AC System is switched on you can still turn the temperature control to hot.
N.B.Unfortunately, an AC System can “spring a leak” at any time. Every time we recharge a vehicle we add a dye to the system. This can make it easier to trace a leak should one occur.
For smaller, hard to trace leaks we are able to add a sealant. This is not a guaranteed cure but can be a cost effective option.
For any questions or advice about our car Air Conditioning services or telephone bookings please call Willow Motor Works in Mitcham on 020 8685 9515 or send us an email.