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Car Diagnostics Mitcham

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Vehicle Diagnostic Check Overview

A diagnostic check is a digital scan of your vehicle’s computer systems and electronic sensors. Modern vehicles are much more complex than people may be aware of. Computer software works whenever your car’s engine is running to monitor electronic signals and create data reports that can then be collected during a diagnostic check.
A diagnostic check can produce fault codes for issues with components like the engine, transmission, throttle, and many more.
Diagnostic checks do not repair the fault but allow the garage technician to use these codes to advise the customer on the next best route of the repair process.
Car diagnostic tests are typically carried out when a vehicle’s dashboard shows a warning symbol, or if the engine is not running correctly (i.e. misfiring or lack of power).
Willow Motor Works can help you with many of these issues. You can call to book a diagnostic check on 020 8685 9515 or click the button above to book a time and date yourself.
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